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November 24  in Grodno (Belarus) was held a meeting of the Board of the International Federation of Sports Tourism.

Leaders and representatives of National Federations of sports tourism  elected new Board and President of the Federation.


The leaders of the national federations of sports tourism of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine heard report on and highly appreciated the work of the International Federation of Sports Tourism in the period of 2015 – 2018 under the chairmanship of A.E. Yaroshevsky (Russia).
The Regulations on the membership of the IFST were approved.
3. Election of the governing bodies of the Federation:
– Election of the Presidium of the International Federation of Sports Tourism
– election of the Chairman of the Council of the International Sports Federation
– Election of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Federation.
4. About the work of the Federation in 2019:
– calendar plan of international competitions in 2019
– about holding sport tourism championships – a group of disciplines
“Route” and “distance”, the World Tourism Games, etc.
5. Approval of regulatory documents – Regulations, Methods,
Provisions, etc.
6. Other:
– delivery of QMS certificates;
– different.

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